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Puzzle Bobble v2 2.0

Puzzle Bobble v2 2.0

Puzzle Bobble v2 Publisher's Description

Hi-Res Arcade Puzzle Action - Wherever You Go!

The official licensed version from TAITO, now includes: All NEW High Density 320x320 Graphics, Arcade Audio, and two new VS Modes right from the arcade!

Millions of people have enjoyed playing Puzzle Bobble® (aka Bust-a-Move™) in arcades, and almost every game platform since 1994. Now you can enjoy this challenging game anywhere you take your Palm Powered™ Handheld.

It’s simple, challenging and extremely addictive! Exploding matching colored bubbles seems easy enough, but high scores demand strategy and skill to progress through the Single Player levels. When you are ready to battle your handheld in either VS Mode, the stakes are higher, and score is out the window. Try Puzzle Bobble® once and you’ll be hooked!

Here is what the review had to say. Ratings (scale 1 to 5):

Graphics: 5 of 5
The graphics are amazing, and quite possibly the best PalmOS game graphics so far.

Sound 4.5 of 5
Sound effects are solid, and are direct recreations of Puzzle Bobble.

Fun Meter 5 of 5
It's Puzzle Bobble; they have ported it so many times because it's just that good.

Addictivity: 5 of 5
The game makes you want to play all day long. Expect to get lost in it and quickly realize you just played 30 rounds and you're late for work.

Puzzle Bobble V2 brings the TAITO Arcade puzzle action home!

©OutLook Entertainment,Inc
All Rights Reserved

Licensed by TAITO CORP
©TAITO CORP 1994, 2004
A version for Palm OS 3.5 thru 5.x (160x160 color) is also available.


Features: (REQUIRES PALM OS 5.x)
· The Official licensed TAITO CORP. product
· Addictive gameplay
of the extremely popular Arcade version
· High Res 320x320 color graphics (from the original arcade!)
· Arcade Music & Sound Effects ***

Four different modes of play!:
· Progressive mode: Single Player with Continue option.
· Practice mode: Practice any level without dropping in dozens of quarters.
· VS Progressive mode: Battle your handheld for High Score
· VS Playoff mode: Best of five.

· All new user interface (5-way optimized for one hand)
· Compatible with Puzzle Bobble Expansion Packs (Progressive modes)
· High Score Screen: Tracks Top 10 (with Name, Score and Level)
· Auto Save & Continue for all in-game status.
· Play using Stylus, 5-Way, or App Buttons
· Tips & Hints available at

*** Audio support requires either a Palm enabled™ OS 5 device with streaming audio, or SONY CLIÉ units with "Enhanced Audio Support".

Palm OS 5 handhelds that support streaming audio include (but are not limited to) the; Palm Zire 71, Tungsten|T, T2, T3, and Tungsten|E.
SONY CLIÉ handhelds that support the enhanced audio library include (but are not limited to) the following models: PEG-T400/T415/T425, PEG-T600C/T615C/T625C, PEG-NR70/NR70V, PEG-T650C/T665C/T675C, PEG-SJ33, PEG-NX60/PEG-NX70V, PEG-NZ90, PEG-TG50, and PEG-TJ27,TJ37,TH55.

-- Revision History --------------------------

March 15, 2004
Tapwave Zodiac Tech Note included

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